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The Shiv Group produces a form of poultry feed known as Soya DOC (de-oiled cake). The Soya DOC manufactured by Shiv Group is far more economical and has a number of benefits compared to other soya meals available in the market. 
Soya DOC is a good source of energy. It also contains lower levels of sand, silica and other undesirable materials.

Packaging: Packing available in 50 kg. Plastic and Jute Bags.

Nutrition Facts:

Crude Protein

50 Max.


11 Max.

M Energy

2850 Max.

Crude Fiber

4.00 Max.

Sand & Silica

0.5 Max.


6.00 Max.


  • Helps in proper digestion and utilization of all nutrients, ultimately improve the performance of broilers and litter quality.
  • Higher protein and digestible amino acids Soya DOC help to reduce the amount of soybean meal required in the diet.

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